Aylesbury Police Station



As part of a multi-million pound investment programme, Thames Valley renovated or rebuilt a number of police station buildings across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, and as one of the leading custodial luminaire manufactures, Designplan were bound to be involved.

At Aylesbury Police Station the newly built custody areas have been lit by Designplan luminaires. The fittings are located in every cell, as well as all corridors, office areas, the van dock, toilets, medical room and sign-in desk, and they provide a safe environment for both the police workforce and detainees.

David Sexton, Project Engineer at electrical contractor RT Harris & Son said: ‘We tested the market for potential suppliers, but we soon established that Designplan’s Home Office approved products offered the perfect mix of quality and reliability across their whole range.’

‘We are using Designplan light fittings at six different sites in total – as their products provide a robust, cost-effective lighting solution.’