Boscombe Art Trail



The Sea Change Project, a programme funded by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) aims to promote cultural and creative regeneration in seaside towns along the south coast of the UK. Artist Andrew Kirkby was commission by Bournemouth Town Council to produce a series of seven sculptures in Sea Road in Boscombe, Bournemouth.

Each sculpture needed to be list with a single luminaire for a uniform look. The sculptures vary hugely in size – from an unusual park bench to representations of various underwater creatures – and this proved something of a challenge for lighting designer Alan Tulla.

The Designplan Centaur CEG200 was chosen because of the choice of beam width, versatility, energy efficiency and ease of installation. This meant that despite the different sizes of the sculpture it was possible to light the pieces with the same fitting, capturing and highlighting their intricate beauty with the Centaur fittings. Alan Tula said: ‘What I liked about Designplan’s fittings is that they are tough, bright and extremely datable – a perfect fit for this project.’