Clapham Junction Station



Clapham Junction, South London, is the UK’s busiest stations (as well as being one of Europe’s busiest), with up to 180 trains an hour passing through it during peak times. The station has recently undergone several improvements, designed to make it step free and easy access for all members of the public.

The station needed modern, continuous, unobtrusive lighting for the new lift areas on several platforms. The ‘continuous run’ surface Mission luminaires, with transition pieces between each fitting, were the solution of choice. They provide a sleek and uniform look in keeping with the contemporary finish of the station regeneration.

In addition to their weather and vandal resistance, the fittings have been thoroughly vibration tested to ensure they can withstand the constant flow of rail traffic whilst still being able to provide the excellent level of illumination required. A total of 70 fittings were installed across the main platform crossover bridge, as well as platforms 11, 12, 15 and 16.