Dresden Prison

Germany, Dresden


Germany’s Dresden Prison, the largest prison in the state of Saxony, sits within the historical city and was once renowned for being Europe’s most modern unit. The prison’s original building featured a central tower which enabled the guards to watch over the inmates, and in the new millennium-built prison, with the help of Designplan’s Abrams No Body fittings, the high levels of visibility are maintained.

The prison holds more than 800 inmates, and like all prisons, security is a top priority. Designplan’s office in Berlin, Designplan Leuchten, provided Abrams No Body fittings which offer the perfect solution for this environment. More than 1500 fittings were installed into 750 custody cells where the strong, vandal resistant units protected both guards and inmates.

The Abrams No Body, a new addition to the already successful Abrams range, has been uniquely designed with a completely clear cover and easily visible interior to prevent the concealment of contraband, drugs and weapons.

The design includes distinctive security screws which meet the prison’s requirement for fittings facilitating quick and easy cell searches. Always willing to offer a flexible service, our engineers worked closely with relevant authorities to develop a suitable fitting and provide a cost effective solution.