Gambier House



Every new building in the UK is required to comply with strict building regulations, particularly for environmental concerns, but it is not only new build projects that are reducing their carbon footprint.

In the London borough of Islington, existing residential towers were fitted with energy saving LED light fittings in the busy communal areas. The longevity offered by LED lighting – 50,000 hours of use compared to a standard 3,000 hours for a halogen fitting – significantly reduces maintenance costs, including options for automatic LED switching to save even more energy. Homes for Islington was in charge of Islington Council’s 21,500 homes and 8,000 leasehold properties. This includes caretaking services, management of estates, repairs, major works, rent collection and delivering the decent homes standard.

Homes for Islington chose Designplan’s Quadrant LED fittings for all the communal areas at Gambier House, City Road. These fittings produce a glare-free even illumination for the stairwells and halls on each of Gambier House’s 21 floors, giving the residents safer, well-lit areas.