Green Park Station



Originally opened in 1906, Green Park station recently underwent an extensive refurbishment as part of the larger modernisation of the London Underground. New lighting at the station was an essential part of the upgrade, particularly with the building of a new disabled ramp, which required bright illumination.

London Underground needed Green Park to have bright, energy efficient lighting that was, crucially, low maintenance, and would be able to withstand the long opening hours of the Underground. Designplan was able to offer a wide range of products that were specifically design to be efficient, as well as highly weather and vandal resistant.

There were over 300 Designplan fittings installed, including the Mission, Camasys, Kalmia, Centaur and Flair, many of which were the highly energy efficient LED versions. The Flair in particular is an excellent choice for any public area like Green Park, due to it’s robustness and flexible installation options. The Flair can be installed as a suspended or wall mounted version, and has a variety of body shape options in a wide range of colours. In keeping with many Designplan fittings, Flair is vandal and weather resistant. The particular Flair fittings at Greek Park are unobtrusive and recessed into the walls, providing high quality lighting whilst maintaining a feeling of space.

The fittings were installed in the ticket hall, the platform and the crossover passage, delivering bright light throughout the station.