Neville Hill Depot



Neville Hill Train Maintenance Depot was built in Leeds in 1904. Whilst the building has been preserved and maintained to an exceptionally high standard, the depot is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. After decades of use, Neville Hill was in desperate need of a refurbished lighting system that needed to be powerful, reliable and highly durable.

With this brief in mind, Spencer Group recommended Designplan products – specifically the Tuscan, due to its adaptability and robustness.

The Tuscan fittings were installed in the maintenance pit area, customised with a special bracket and placed at a 45 degree angle. This angled installation ensured the lights provided the best illumination possible when teams were maintaining the dark train undercarriage.

The depot is now able to meet the new lighting requirements – an average of 200 lux – and the luminance is 25 times brighter than before. “The Designplan fittings are perfect – custom made and long lasting, the ideal solution”, commented Mick Long, Site Service Manager at Neville Hill Depot.

The depot management are extremely delighted with the results, and thanked Designplan and Spencer Group for the success of the project, especially as regular work schedules at Neville Hill were undisturbed whilst the new fittings were installed.