Social housing

Designplan has been at the forefront of providing purpose built lighting to meet the needs of the social housing sector for over 40 years.

From warden assisted homes for the elderly to the most challenging high rise blocks, we have the experience and high quality products to suit various social housing applications.

We’re working with many local authorities and housing associations to provide lighting solutions for the upgrade of the nation’s housing stock. With this expansion of assets, total cost of ownership is a key consideration for property owners, and Designplan’s range of energy efficient, robust fittings are a great fit.

Many of our products are now utilised in the LED versions, maximizing the benefits of lower cost of ownership through reduced power consumption and less frequent maintenance regimes. Cost of ownership is reduced even further through our standard 5 year warranty for the LEDs and drivers – all contributing to reduced spend for the building owner.

Aside from complete luminaires, we also offer a popular retrofit service where new gear trays can be easily slotted into existing bodies for an energy-efficient upgrade and the benefit of reduced energy costs in the future.

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