Our Luminaires

Manufacturing process

We’ve been making our robust (weather and vandal resistant) luminaires in the London Borough of Sutton for over fifty years. During that time our design and manufacturing processes have been continually improved to ensure that we repeatedly produce superior products. That solid base of experience, coupled with the ability to leverage the resources of one of Europe’s biggest lighting groups, allows us to continue towards our goal to be a UK based, world-class manufacturer.

Our products start as concept designs utilising 3D CAD software. Those are converted into working prototypes which are tested for performance using our in-house test equipment including a photometer. The prototypes are further developed by our engineers to ultimately result in manufacturing instructions for our skilled production teams.

Our production processes utilise a mixture of advanced CAD and robotic machines together with highly skilled operators. A variety of automated punching presses and fabrication machines ensure our production processes are both efficient and accurate. After forming has been completed, luminaire bodies flow into our paint plant to apply the finishes which will protect them from the harsh environments they will operate in. The remaining stage of the cycle has products moving into our assembly areas for final finishing and testing, prior to despatch to our customers.

Our manufacturing workflow uses LEAN methodology to reduce waste in both materials and time, ensuring that lead times are minimized and prices remain competitive. Additionally we are accredited to the ISO 9001 Quality Management standards, and regularly invest in staff training and apprenticeships to ensure our workforce skill-sets are of the highest standards. The factory has VDE “approved place of manufacture” accreditation.

Bespoke design

Despite Designplan’s broad range of products for sector specific and general applications, there are still some projects where our standard luminaires do not quite provide the desired solution. For many years now we have recognised this need, and have worked closely with customers to alter our existing fittings to exactly match their requirements. Whether it’s a modification to a standard product in our range or a completely new design, we have the capabilities to create the perfect fitting for your project. If you require a specially made fitting or amendments to an existing one, please contact technical sales on +44 (0)20 8254 2022 or by email.