Extreme environments

Designed for the conditions

The construction of our luminaires ensures they can cope with all types of weather. High ingress protection, corrosion resistant paint, robust steel bodies or LM6 aluminium castings and extrusions are key components of our ‘robust and durable’ ethos.

Keeping cool in the heat

Our luminaires regularly operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -25ºC to 25ºC. In some cases our fittings are required to operate in ambient temperatures as high as 50ºC.

We offer several luminaires tested and proven to withstand regular temperatures of 40ºC or 50ºC. These luminaires are subjected to a thorough assessment process in our in-house testing laboratory.

Look our for the HT icon shown on the product pages. The lamp options table will detail what temperature level a luminaire has been tested to.

Standards S1066 and 1-085 (Section 12)

Luminaires supplied to London Underground stations must follow a strict set of safety standards, and Designplan has been fulfilling these requirements for more than twenty years.

Products must be as vandal resistant as our standard products, with extra specifications for fire safety and flammability.

Several of our products are compliant with the Fire Precautions for Subsurface Railway Stations Regulations’ 1989 (UK) and 2009 (England only), commonly known as Section 12. They also meet the London Underground subsurface standard 1-085 and feature glass (rather than plastic) diffusers, low smoke cables and a compliant paint finish.

Anti-ligature and burns test

Designplan has been the supplier of choice to the custodial sector for over twenty years, and we’ve developed many luminaires specifically for this market.

Anti-ligature is a key requirement of specifiers in this sector, and through working in conjunction with prison engineers and industry experts, many of our custodial fittings are HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service) ‘safer cells’ compliant. This means the products we make are specifically designed to prevent harm to cell occupants and staff, and to stand up to these rigours year on year.

Designplan fittings are already well-suited to this environment with tough bodies, vandal resistant diffusers and tamperproof screws, but our custodial fittings go several steps further. Their bodies are fitted flush to the mounting surface, ensuring there is no gap for anything to be inserted and that ligatures will naturally slide off surfaces rather than stay attached. Diffusers are sealed in tightly, meaning there is no gap for anything to be inserted into.

Prison cell fittings are also tested for flame resistance. Our diffusers will resist extended periods of naked flame attack, preventing any risk of holes being created which could be used to attach ligatures.