Lighting that lasts

Giving the green light

As a manufacturer of long lasting luminaires our outlook is always towards the future, which is why we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Starting with our factory, we’ve been carrying out a programme of energy reductions since 2010. By working smarter and making best use of our resources during the assembly process, we’ve achieved a 38% reduction in annual electricity use and 39% reduction in gas use. We’re also certified to the ISO 14001 environmental quality standard, meaning our manufacturing and assembly methods are in accordance with EU regulation and best

Since 2010 we’ve reduced the annual fuel consumption of our fleet of commercial vehicles by over 40%. Much of this has been achieved through investigating our ’round trip’ programme, ensuring our vehicles follow a direct delivery route to site and minimise any wasted time or fuel. As well as reducing our emissions, safety is also a key concern and we’re now members of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) at the silver level, ensuring we operate safe and efficient deliveries in London.

Robust and durable

We design light fittings to last. A longer working life results in our customers mimimizing their material and commodity usage. Even in the the most demanding environments, such as prisons and police cells, after decades of use our fittings can still be relied on.

Sparta fittings were supplied to Tyne and Wear’s Nexus Public Transport system close to thirty years ago, and as a result of technology upgrades they’re still going strong.

Reduce, reuse, relamp

Our luminaires have always been designed for many decades of regular service, but that doesn’t mean we don’t give consideration to when they do eventually need to be retired and recycled.

A typical Designplan fitting will be made of aluminium or folded steel, coated with polyester powder coat, and fitted with a polycarbonate or glass diffuser.

All of these materials are easily recycled, both during the manufacturing processes and after the useful life of the fitting. Any excess steel punched and cut during manufacture is collected and delivered back to the steel supplier, and polyester paint is recycled onsite, as any powder coat overspray can be collected and reused on future applications. Polycarbonate and glass components can be recycled for melting and remoulding and with many of our recycled components we are often able to reuse the same packaging materials they were delivered in.

The longevity that LED lamps offer is remarkable compared to older lamping options, and the technology is improving every day. 50,000 hours of use compared to 8,000 hours for a fluorescent fitting significantly reduces maintenance requirements and provides a greener, more cost-effective result. All our non-LED products can be retrofitted with an LED gear tray, adding many years of useful life to a fitting and reducing its energy use instantly.