Strength as standard

IP and IK ratings

IP and IK ratings are international standards describing a products’ resistance to the environment in which it is used. IP ratings (International Standard IEC 60529-1:2003) refer to a how resistant to ingress of water and particulates a product is, and IK ratings (International Standard IEC 62262:2002 and IEC 60068-2-75:2014) note how much mechanical impact a product can resist.

The IP rating is divided into two numbers – the first number defines a product’s resistance to the ingress of particulates or foreign objects, whereas the second refers to water resistance, varying from a few falling drops to complete immersion under pressure.

Almost all Designplan products have high IP and IK ratings, but our experience has taught us that IK10 is inadequate against the sort of vandalism our products face on a regular basis. By testing to the EN60068-2-75 standard using a pendulum hammer, we have extrapolated the ratings from the 20 joules (IK10) rating all the way up to 150 joules of impact (IK16).

IK ratings

Pendulum Hammer Test EN 60068-2-75 : 2014

  • 1.7 Kg Impacting from a height of 300mm = 5 Joules     – IK8
  • 5.0 Kg impacting from a height of 200mm = 10 Joules   – IK9
  • 5.0 Kg impacting from a height of 400mm = 20 Joules   – IK10

Please note that EN 60068-2-75 does not allocate codes above IK10. The following codes are extrapolated and assigned IK references by Designplan Lighting.

  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 350mm = 35 Joules – IK11
  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 500mm = 50 Joules – IK12
  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 750mm = 75 Joules – IK13
  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 1000mm = 100 Joules – IK14
  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 1250mm = 125 Joules – IK15
  • 10.0 Kg impacting from a height of 1500mm = 150 Joules – IK16

Corrosion resistant paint

Not only are the bodies and diffusers of our products built to resist considerable impact, the paint we coat them with is as well.

First we clean our unpainted product bodies thoroughly using an etching low foam heavy duty cleaner and a two-stage demineralised water rinse. This removes any trace of dirt or residue from the bare metal and provides a key for the subsequent finishing.

Next comes the polyester powder coat, a free-flowing dry powder that is electrostatically applied to the metal. This is dried and sealed in our drying ovens to provide a tough skin. This finish is incredibly hard to remove, needing a sand blaster or 1500˚C oven to make a mark.

We also use an accelerated corrosion test on our paint finishes. The surface is cross scribed and placed in a salt spray test cabinet before being sprayed with an atomised saline solution. This rapidly simulates extended exposure to corrosion over the life of the product. Our finishes last for over one thousand hours in these extreme simulation conditions, with no significant delamination or rust creep.

Lifetime guarantee

A unique offering from Designplan.

We will repair or supply a replacement for any standard, non-modified vandal resistant luminaire rendered inoperable due to physical abuse, for the lifetime of the installation.

For full details of this offer and details of which products this may be applied to, (generally to IK16/150 Joule rated products) please contact customer services on +44 (0)20 8254 2020.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected by this offer.