Our Departments

New product design
Sales Team

Sales – UK & International

Designplan has a team of Area Sales Managers (ASMs) throughout the UK. They’re responsible for ensuring Designplan products are specified for projects both within the UK and globally. They’re our in-the-field experts and are working daily with customers. We have a really strong sales team with decades of experience in the lighting industry.

Internal Sales & Lead Generation

Ever wonder how companies find the right customers? We have a brand new team who focus on finding leads for our sales team and ensuring we’re speaking to the exact right people about our product offering. Internal Sales & Lead Generation are both a nice mix of business development, research, sales and marketing.


Holding the keys to our brand, the Marketing team is responsible for creating content, promoting our business and helping drive our sales. Working hand in hand with Sales, our Marketing team lead the charge in creating collateral, running our CPDs, and making sure we’re reaching our customer base with key information about our products.


If you ring our office, you’ll likely speak to someone from our Commercial team. Commercial are the relationship managers – they’re ensuring we’re delivering service excellence and are customer focused. Our Customer Services team and our Technical team interact daily with customers and internal teams to ensure that everything from pre-sales through to orders leaving the building is seamless. Our Project team also sits within Commercial and work on a daily basis with customers, ensuring deadlines projects are running effectively and on time.

Purchasing & Planning

The Purchasing & Planning team are responsible for ensuring we have all the various components we need to manufacture our products, but also ensure that jobs are planned through the factory. Liaising with our Production teams, they ensure that everything required to ‘get the job done’ is on site and ready to use.


Importantly, they’re responsible for ensuring all employees get paid! They also make sure that our customers are invoiced and we receive payment, and ensure that we’re paying suppliers. The Finance team controls the cash within the business. The function is responsible for tax compliance, ensuring we have sufficient funds to service the needs of the business today and in the future, and both internal and external reporting. The team takes care of the budgeting process, forecasting and analysis.


Making sure our systems are running smoothly, handling lots of internal queries, and focusing on continuous improvement initiatives, our two-person IT team are an important part of Designplan. They ensure everyone has the IT kit they need and that everything is operating as it should.  Working collaboratively across the business, IT is involved in various projects and value-added initiatives.

Human Resources

HR is responsible for the development & implementation of the people management agenda which supports the operational and strategic objectives of Designplan, including the delivery of all HR activities across the UK.

The full HR services include employee engagement, recruitment & selection, employee relations & retention, performance management, learning & development, flexible working & family friendly policies, diversity & equality, reward, and talent & capability management.  HR also looks after anything Covid related, and projects related to Company strategy.


Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. In 2018, we added Controls to our internal expertise. You can learn more about what we’re doing by visiting https://www.designplan.co.uk/controls/lighting-controls/.

Bespoke Design

Have a project where you require something completely custom? Our Bespoke team work on all special projects. Liaising with customers and our internal teams, the Bespoke team work collaboratively across the business, ensuring customer demand is met and ensuring our production teams are able to manufacture the special fittings for customer application.

New Product Introductions (NPI)

Our NPI team are responsible for creating new products. They research the market and develop new products to suit customer needs.  Launching products at key points throughout the year, they work closely with our factory teams and our Sales teams.

Compliance & the Laboratory

Our Compliance team is responsible for ensuring our products meet the required standards. They’re also responsible for managing our laboratory and testing our products. Those working in this team work very collaboratively, providing guidance and support on compliance matters, and testing products throughout the day. On site, we are able to carry out our tests.

Production Engineering

Our Production Engineering team are responsible for a variety of things, including our standard products and maintenance.  The team assists and leads in projects to improve manufacturing processes. They lead on interesting projects like our Cobot Hybrid Line and working with NPI on things like our new door handles to help Designplan maintain being Covid Secure.

Quality Team

The Quality team is responsible for quality control and assurance, health, safety & environment and continuous improvement. They maintain our standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


The Primary Shop is where you’ll find our paint plant, brake machines / folding machines, punch press, CNC machines, and welding. This is the first part of our manufacturing process before products move through to Assembly.


Our products move down the assembly line, having LED boards assembled onto the gear tray, before moving down to best tested and onward to the body line. Once they’re completely assembled, they can then be boxed and head on their way to our Stores team who will get it out to our customers.


The Stores team ensure our components are picked for our Assembly lines, and ensure our products are boxed, shipped and sent out to our customers.

Designplan Leuchten

We also have a team based in Germany ‘Designplan Leuchten‘. They’re responsible for ensuring our products reach, and are suitable for, the German markets. A team of 7, they have Sales, Customer Services and Marketing.