We’ve been making robust, long lasting luminaires since 1963. As part of the Fagerhult Group, our sustainability promise is to create action for a better environment and a brighter future.

Environmental accreditation

We are accredited to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management system. Our purpose built high quality manufacturing facility has helped us reduce our carbon footprint and has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent accreditation. We achieved this through rain water harvesting and solar panels that are used to reduce our energy consumption. We are also committed to plastic reduction and recycling the majority of materials.

Sustainable manufacturing

In accordance with our sustainability strategy, we have recently upgraded older machinery to state of the art high efficiency, low energy consumption machines. Material recycling is a very important part of our manufacturing processes. We limit the use of plastic and we even make our own boxes.

Low carbon footprint

We are a UK lighting manufacturer accredited to the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems.

Our purpose built high quality manufacturing facility (designed by ourselves) has helped us reduce our carbon footprint. Rain water harvesting and solar panels have resulted in our facility being awarded the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ accreditation. Material recycling and plastic reduction are also factors to reducing our carbon footprint.

Another way in which we have reduced our carbon footprint, has been to move over to electric/hybrid vehicles wherever possible.


Our new Safan E-Brake 100

Our new folding machine will help lower our carbon footprint, and support our low carbon products. It has over 50% lower energy consumption compared to our old Hydraulic folding machine.

The Safan utilises numerous features to aid the operator in production and set-up, namely: Wila tooling, quick release upper and lower hydraulic clamping, twin screen system, LED tooling set-up positions and in machining LED Back-gauge positioning. The combination of these features reduces set-up times, increases productivity and allows all materials used to manufacture our robust luminaires to be manufactured to the highest standards.

Saving water in our facility

At Designplan we are focusing on our sustainability methods and all of our water saving amounts to 72,100 litres of water a week, that’s the equivalent of 1.5 Olympic swimming pools a year.

We use our expansive roof to harvest rainwater and recycle it. Our roof collects rainwater and funnels it into large water harvesting tanks located underneath. Using this throughout the whole building, saving approximately 1,500 litres of mains water per day.

Our paint plant is highly automated, filters and recirculates water. This is performed by using a sophisticated arrangement of tanks, pumps, valves and filtration equipment – all fed by deionized water that we purify in-house. Automation detects the presence of our products; whilst using water only when needed. We consistently monitor the waste water. One of the benefits of this is to ensure it is clean so that it goes straight down our drain. We estimate this automated process saves around 63,000 litres of water per week.

Additional ways that Designplan save water throughout our facility:

  • Zip Water Hydro Taps are installed in our kitchens, to use only the amount of water needed to make a drink.
  • Cistern flush “water savers” reduce the amount used per flush by approximately 2.5 litres.
  • Automatic sink shut-off taps saves approximately 320 litres of water per day.

Packaging our product

Between 2017 and 2020 we reduced our usage of plastic packaging by 77%. We did this through smart box design; introducing crush zones, this is to remove the need for plastic bumpers, whilst offering better protection to our products during transport. We will continue our efforts to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic packaging.

The reduction of plastic in our factory over the last three years has been focal points of our company. We have been working with our suppliers to eliminate plastic in our packaging and replacing it with recycled cardboard. The smart design of our boxes are tailored to our products which eliminates damage in transit and the need for bubble wrap.

We have reduced the volume of outgoing packaging by 19%, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. This has been done by ensuring our packaging machine is programmed to only make the quantities needed. This avoids waste, which has reduced the number of cardboard deliveries to us from 66 to 15 a year.

Additional ways we reduce the impact of packaging on the environment:

  • By creating protected zones in our packaging we have eliminated 6,000 plastic bags per annum from our supply chain.
  • Over the years we have worked with our supplier to develop our packaging specification. This means we can reuse some of our incoming packaging to reduce our impact. We are gradually moving away from using plastic bags. Moving towards recycled cardboard boxes, which are returned to the supplier monthly and reused for the next supply.
  • The timber for all our pallets are sourced from FSC approved mills. These are made up of 60% recycled materials, the other 40% is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. Also, we reuse approximately 250 pallets a year.

Environmental benefits of LED

With a view to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, the replacement of less efficient light sources to LED is becoming increasingly important. LED lighting can potentially reduce electricity use by between 50-60% and the level of light output can reduce the number of luminaires required.

Sustainable technology upgrades

Energy efficiency is a key part of our sustainability promise. Our luminaires incorporate a removable internal gear tray to enable sustainable technology upgrades, ensuring long life lighting and low electricity consumption.

The robust construction of our luminaires, are made from either recyclable materials aluminium or steel. This enables the internal technology to be upgraded without the product housing needing replacing.

For more information on the benefits of LED, and retrofitting using replacement gear trays, CLICK HERE

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