The benefits of switching to LED

Caragh BarryNews UK

Proven methods of ensuring weather and vandal resistance have embraced new technologies to increase performance and reduce operating costs and we are at the forefront of this LED revolution.

Switching to LED has so many benefits. LED’s have 5 times more operational life (50,000 hours) than a typical 2D light fitting resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.  LED fixtures also have the capability to control light distribution in a more flexible way, allowing more of the emitted light to illuminate areas where it is needed.

LED’s are less expensive to run as more electrical energy is converted to light and lower wattages are required. They are also free of toxic chemicals, such as mercury, sometimes found in fluorescent fittings so are more environmentally friendly.

Upgrading your existing fitting to LED is quick, easy and simple. Our retrofit LED gear trays can be installed in under 90 seconds! To see the video please CLICK HERE.