Our customers are our priority

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At Designplan we know the importance of embracing a connection with our customers and ensuring we always put them first in both service and satisfaction.  Being a pioneer in a niche market means we need to preserve and care for our relationships with existing customers whilst reaching out to new contacts. We understand the importance of finding solutions to problems and ... Read More

New Year New Knowledge

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As you begin to plan your training for 2018, why not include a CPD on Robust Lighting and receive two hours of CPD points? Our CPD is CIBSE accredited and focuses on robust lighting applications, characteristics and construction utilising standard definitions, demonstrations, and regulatory explanation. The CPD will show how to choose a luminaire based on application and design, manufacturing ... Read More


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Designplan values their customers and the importance of supplying and providing consistent high-level quality products and services. This consistency is achieved through accreditation which have implemented procedures for designing and developing our products using process control, to ensure consistency of manufacture whilst maintaining our commitment to sustainability. We have secured accreditation of ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems and the ... Read More

Finding the perfect product

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Finding the best suited product for your application, whether it be for Transport, Social Housing, Custodial, Secure Healthcare or Urban applications can be a struggle. You may need a certain IK rating or product type, or it may need to be high temperature tested or an anti-ligature design. We have a wide range of products for all of the above ... Read More

Lighting in the Mental Health Sector

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It is evident that light is critical to human functioning and can be very beneficial in mental healthcare settings to both service users and staff. Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment (BHR) will modernise living conditions as well as providing an improved working environment. Designplan supplied contemporary lighting in the communal areas to promote wellbeing to patients; 1500 Basilica luminaires were installed as ... Read More

Bespoke design

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Despite our broad range of luminaires for sector specific and general applications, there are still some projects where are standard products do not quite provide the desired solution. For many years now we have recognised this need, and have worked closely with customers to alter our existing fittings to exactly match their requirements. Whether its a modification to a standard ... Read More

Products for Custodial applications

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Designplan has been the primary provider of lighting to UK police stations, courts and prisons, both privately and Ministry of Justice run for over twenty years. We have the widest range of approved standard and bespoke products available with a continual development programme to ensure all relevant standards are met. The many thousands of light fittings that we have supplied ... Read More

International Sales Manager

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If you have a requirement for International projects then your Sales Manager is Bill Lamb. Bill has many years lighting experience in the UK and International marketplace and can provide local support in the project regions. If you need to discuss your international projects, please contact Bill on 07771 332501 or bill.lamb@designplan.co.uk

Lighting urban environments

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Effective lighting in public spaces increases personal safety and can significantly lower the risk of anti-social crime in areas such as car parks, pedestrian areas and underpasses. Designplan's range of urban luminaires combine elegant choice for urban developments with resistance to extreme vandalism and weather. Additionally our 'designed to last' philosophy results in a low cost of ownership. To view ... Read More

Product search filters

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Our product search filters have been live for a few months now. They have been very well received by our customers to help them find the most suited product for their application. Our aim is to continually improve the customer experience on our website. If you have any feedback or comments on our products page, please do not hesitate to ... Read More