Broadmoor Hospital

Broadmoor, opened in 1863, is a highsecurity psychiatric hospital. It provides a specialist service assessing and treating men, from the south of England, who have serious mental health or personality disorders. The main aim of Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment (BHR) is to modernise living conditions, upgrade patient facilities and improve working conditions. BHR has been designed […]

Grampians Therapeutic Community

Designplan’s Australian sister company, Eagle Lighting, were appointed to provide lighting for The Grampians Therapeutic Community – the first state-funded purpose-built alcohol and drug residential service in Victoria. The facility houses 20 dedicated residential rehab beds, taking in 80 patients a year. The facility will lead to reduced waiting times and improved treatment outcomes for […]

Juniper Ward

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) wanted to create a more therapeutic setting for Juniper Ward, an acute psychiatric facility. Basilica Tuneable White, designed to mimic our circadian rhythm, incorporates adjustable light levels to help aid rest and recuperation. It is not just the amount of light which is significant but also the colour. […]