Public Buildings (External)

Lighting leading up to, and mounted on, public buildings should be designed for amenity and safety. In addition, good illumination provides a welcoming ambiance with clear visual cues to external signage, the whereabouts of thoroughfares and community facilities.

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Recommended Products For Public Buildings (External)



Flair Micro Slim linear lighting solution for accent

Slim linear linear lighting solution for accent, architectural and general illumination.

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Zelos Wall Elegant and versatile bulkhead for wall mounted perimeter applications

Elegant and versatile bulkhead for wall mounted perimeter applications

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Tuscan 89 The market leading weather and vandal resistant fitting

The market leading weather and vandal resistant fitting.

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Stylish family of luminaires from iGuzzini, one of our sister companies in the Fagerhult Lighting Group.

by iGuzzini

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Zelos Wall Max Elegant and versatile bulkhead for high wall mounted perimeter applications

Elegant and versatile bulkhead for high wall mounted perimeter applications.

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Zelos Bollard Weather and vandal resistant LED bollard with impressive light output

Weather and vandal resistant LED bollard with impressive light output of 100 lm/W.

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Gateline Emergency luminaire

Wall mounted LED luminaire, with minimal upward light, designed for typical external balconies or walkways.

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Best Practice Advice

Light Levels

To help maximise accessibility, light levels should be appropriate for the application and with due attention paid to the consistency of lighting in the transition between areas.

Sudden changes in light level or illumination character can be disconcerting and disorientating, especially to those with visual impairments.

Direction Components

Lighting with a directional component can certainly bring an element of welcome definition to a lit scene.

However extreme care must be taken to ensure that any highlighting or spotlighting is done peripherally and sensitively, to avoid causing difficulties for the visually impaired.

Lighting Maintenance

In many situations, lighting can be fully exposed to the elements, making high IP rated luminaires essential. Therefore, it is particularly important that lighting is especially robust and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Moreover, for longevity and to minimise costs, the external finishes of luminaires should be highly resistant to degradation.

Technical Support

Different standards may be referenced dependant on the precise nature of the approach to a public building. For instance, BS EN 12464-2:2014 for general outdoor areas including car park spaces and BS 5489-1 Code of Practice for the Design of Road Lighting Part 1: Lighting of Roads and Public Amenity Areas

Codes of practice will generally specify values of horizontal illuminance. However, it should be noted that light on horizontal planes is a poor predictor of the impression of brightness perceived by users of the area.

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Lighting Controls

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, in addition to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 24 page lighting guide identifies typical community and public applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We also examine the benefits of robust construction and lighting controls to reduce your cost of ownership and carbon footprint. To download your copy click on the button below.

Why Choose Designplan?

Cost of ownership

  • Robust luminaires resist damage, minimising intervention.
  • Competitive initial purchase costs.
  • Low energy luminaires reduce ongoing costs.
  • Short lead times.


  • Provides illumination where and when it is needed.
  • Helps reduce energy use.
  • Lowers maintenance costs.
  • Increases feeling of safety and security.
  • Methods include DALI, DMX and wireless mesh.


  • Specialist diffusers and metal bodies provide high vandal resistance.
  • High ingress protection.
  • External finishes of luminaires are highly resistant to degradation.
  • Removable gear trays enables quick and easy maintenance.

Carbon Footprint

  • Light levels chosen to suit locality, reduce energy consumption.
  • Maximum efficiency luminaires.
  • Running hours and output reduced by using controls.

Community & Public Projects

Other Applications