Extreme environments

Designed for the conditions

The robust construction of our luminaires ensures they can cope with all types of weather. High ingress protection, corrosion resistant paint, robust steel bodies or LM6 aluminium castings and extrusions are key components of our ‘fit and forget’ ethos.

For the port of dover, on the South East tip of England, we designed bespoke luminaires to warn ferries that smaller vessels were in their vicinity. Our oven-baked paint finish is proven to resist salt corrosion, ideally suited to this specialised coastal application. For the full case study on this project please CLICK HERE.


Keeping cool in the heat

Our luminaires regularly operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -25ºC to 25ºC. In some cases our fittings are required to operate in ambient temperatures as high as 50ºC.

We offer several luminaires tested and proven to withstand regular temperatures of 40ºC or 50ºC. These luminaires are subjected to a thorough assessment process in our in-house testing laboratory.

Look our for the HT icon shown on the product pages. The lamp options table will detail what temperature level a luminaire has been tested to.