Contemporary anti-ligature luminaire

Caragh BarryNews UK

Here at Designplan we believe that visually comfortable lighting is critical to aiding rest and recovery within the Secure Healthcare sector. To help reduce stress levels, a non-institutional feel to fixtures and fittings is important. That’s why we designed Basilica.


Basilica was created with stylish curves which provide a contemporary aesthetic and with no ligature points, also help to prevent self harming. It also assists in maintaining bright, hygienic environments as its smooth surfaces are easy to clean and has an ingress protection rating of IP65. Reducing the build up of dust and germs will aid the infection control measures of the building and its users, which is required in a clinical setting.

Choosing Basilica also means that energy costs are reduced by up to 65%. The 1400lm/W fitting uses less than half the power (11 circuit watts) of a typical 2D 28W high frequency fitting (32 circuit watts). Basilica’s design also includes a removable diffuser and gear tray, allowing maintenance to be quick and hassle free. The removable gear tray also provides a sustainable way for technology to be upgraded.

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