Control technology

We have enhanced our product range with the latest lighting control technology that can help create welcoming and safe environments.


Our luminaires have a number of driver options available including standard switched, DALI and DMX. When connected to a lighting control technology system, areas can be controlled to provide the right amount of light when occupied. Whilst, reducing the output and save energy when they are empty.

DALI lighting systems

DALI ensures compatibility between products on a lighting control system. The use of DALI presence detectors, photocells and timed control will reduce energy costs. A DALI lighting control system can provide information on the current status and performance of your standard and emergency luminaires, for maintenance and reporting purposes. The vast majority of our fittings are available with DALI drivers.

Emergency lighting

Compliance testing can be achieved by the use of DesignPath (our emergency lighting test system) which is available in both wireless and wired versions. DesignPath will automate the testing process by initiating the required function and duration tests. Compliance reports are automatically stored locally and also sent by email to key personnel.

Wireless control

It may not always be practical or cost effective to use hard wired lighting systems that require control cables. DesignMesh is our wireless lighting control system that communicates via radio frequency. Our range of wireless mesh enabled luminaires and sensors will provide the benefits of a traditional lighting control system with remote monitoring via cloud based servers.

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Lighting control applications

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