DesignMesh is a cloud based wireless lighting control system with remote monitoring for emergency tests, fault reporting and energy data.

wireless lighting control

Wireless lighting control

DesignMesh provides wireless lighting control which is secure by design, highly scalable and provides the flexibility to control DALI luminaires. It also has REST API software for integration to other building systems.

DesignMesh benefits

  • Allows you to manage and monitor multiple sites remotely.
  • Enables problems to be identified immediately.
  • Reduces the number of site visits required, saving you time and money.
  • Helps you meet your regulatory obligations.
  • Allows you to manage your energy consumption, lowering your carbon footprint and reducing costs.

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About DesignMesh

DesignMesh is ideal for both new and retrofit applications, where traditional hard wiring may not always be practicable or cost effective. The system is easy to install. Most of the system devices are internal to the luminaires and no additional communication cable is required.


DesignMesh is highly secure with a 128 bit AES encryption on each system device based on the CCM standard (NIST SP800-38C). The system is secure by design from manufacture through to commissioning and replacement.


DesignMesh is highly scalable and not restricted to the number of devices linked to any master device or gateway.


The lighting controls devices including DALI drivers, sensors and keypads can be grouped and controlled to provide timed, daylight and movement operation.

System devices

The wireless mesh system is made up of a number of wireless devices, known as nodes. These nodes will communicate over the 2.4 Ghz radio band. This protocol allows for devices to send and receive packets of information across the network.

The DesignMesh system utilises nodes fitted internally into our luminaires along with external devices such as keypads and external sensors. System devices communicate to other devices in close proximity effectively making up the DesignMesh network.

The network “gateway” can be configured into a building network or connection by 4G Router with SIM. The gateway transmits information via the cloud to and from remote servers to control lighting and provide energy data, device faults and emergency test reports.

The DesignMesh dashboard will display real-time data for the end user and can be accessed by your web server with secure password protection provided.

Cloud services

The DesignMesh system will provide a cloud services package to suit your needs and applications. This service package is charged per node on an annual basis and will require a contract with the service provider.


This provides you with a floor plan of the building, showing all system components. The dashboard will show energy data and compliance reports for emergency. The user will be able to create custom graphs for energy and device information for specific time periods.

Emergency testing

Automatic function and duration tests are undertaken with the use of DALI invertors. The test results are recorded and can be accessed by the dashboard. Reports are sent to the person responsible for the building.


Real time reporting of all system devices provides information to the dashboard.


Push notification emails for emergency compliance reports and device faults are automatically sent as required.

Scheduling and modification

You can make changes remotely to programmed scenes and timed scheduling for emergency and other specific events.


Communication to and from other building systems is achieved by using REST API.

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