DesignMesh – Wireless lighting control

The DesignMesh wireless lighting control system utilizes the benefits of the DALI protocol to control luminaries . The system will maintain lighting to the clients requirements , whilst ensuring that energy costs are reduced by making use of wireless sensors for presence and daylight control.

DesignMesh is ideal for new and retrofit applications , where traditional hard wiring may not always be practicable or cost effective. The system is easy to install as most hardware devices are internal to the luminaires and no additional communication cable is required.

The wireless mesh devices will communicate to each other over a large areas. The system is highly scalable is not restricted to a number of devices on a gateway.

The system is highly secure with a 128bit AES encryption on each system device. The systems secure by Design from manufacture to commissioning and replacement.

System Devices

The wireless mesh system is made up of a number of wireless devices . These are known as nodes . The nodes will communicate over the 2.4 Ghz radio band , the protocol allows for devices to send and receive packets of information across the network

The individual nodes will communicate to devices in close proximity not relying on a single path of communication . The devices effectively make up a mesh network that is both scalable and robust by design

The nodes also communicate to the DALI drivers within emergency or standard luminaires . The nodes will send and receive data to a driver allowing for control of light output and switch on/off when receiving commands from system sensors for movement or daylight control

The node will initiate emergency function and duration tests .The results are sent back through the mesh network to the gateway

The network gateway can utilize a building network or be connected by 4G Router with SIM . The gateway will send device information and data via the cloud to remote servers .

The Dashboard will communicate with the remote servers and collate real-time data for the end user . The dashboard can be accessed remotely with levels of password entry for key users.

Features with flexibility

Emergency testing

Automatic Functions and Duration tests are undertaken with use of DALI invertors . The test results are recorded and can be accessed by a dashboard and reports sent to the responsible person

Daylight control

The system will modify light levels within a zone making use of natural daylight to conserve energy . This is is achieved by making use of photocell sensors located within a space

Presence detection

PIR and Microwave controlled devices that will enabling lighting to switch on/off or operate in a corridor mode , that will raise the light level for a specific path .

Tuneable White

Color temperature control of DALI device type 8 devices for scene control and circadian lighting effect .

System gateway 

For monitoring and reporting of site information via the cloud .


Communication to and from other building system by use of open API Software