Energy management and emergency control gear

Energy management is essential for any environmentally conscious lighting design, as well as a standard requirement in Part L of the Building Regulations. Lighting controls can reduce costs by as much as 70% and avoid unnecessary energy being used.

We can supply an energy efficient solution for any application; including dimming, presence-detection switches and daylight sensors. Our energy management solutions are flexible, efficient, and easy to install, without ever compromising on user safety, lighting quality or the integrity of the luminaire.

Below is an overview of some of the options we offer.

Sensors and switching

  • MWSB – Integral Microwave Sensor (Basic) Automatic switching OR dimming of luminaires based on occupancy
  • MWSA – Integral Microwave Sensor (Advanced) Increased functionality plus automatic switching AND dimming of luminaires based on occupancy.
  • PEC – Integral Photo Electric CellFor exterior fittings to control the switching between dusk and dawn.
  • DLS – Daylight SensorsAdjusts the output of the luminaires to maintain the desired light level.
  • SC – Separate Circuit A number of LEDs or lamps can be switched off via a sensor or switch.
  • CF10 – Corridor Function This allows the fitting to dim to 10% when combined with an integral Microwave Sensor or another external sensor or switch.

Digital dimming

  • DALI – Digital Addressable Lighting Interface For dimming, control and monitoring of driver or ballast, LED or lamp faults.
  • DMX – DMX 512 controlsFor RGB colour shifting. This can also be done through DALI systems.
  • RGBMore simple RGB controls can be included with some fittings.

Analogue dimming

  • DIM – Switch DimFor simple control via push to make switch.


  • EM3 – MaintainedTo control the entire LED array in emergency mode for a 3 hour duration.
  • NM3 – Non-MaintainedFor exit signs or similar fittings that are just emergency fittings.
  • EM3S – Auto or Self TestThe unit continually monitors the battery and lamps and signals faults via a bi-colour LED, it also carries out weekly function tests and an annual service life test.
  • EM3D – Emergency DALIAllows the battery and lamp to be monitored and tested via a DALI system.
  • COR – Change Over RelayAllows the fitting to switch between mains electricity and an emergency back up power supply.

Continuous improvement

New controls are in development including wireless operation, power over the ethernet and others. Please keep in contact with us, and monitor the news page of our website, to keep up to date with our latest product innovations.