Lighting control applications

Lighting control applications can help ensure the well-being and safety of users, reduce energy requirements and meet compliance obligations.

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HMP Berwyn Custodial Luminaire

Regulatory testing

The use of lighting control applications to undertake compliance testing provides the assurance that all emergency tests on a site are undertaken and compliance reports are readily accessible. It also reduces the number of site visits required, saving you time and money. An example of a lighting control system is our DesignPath emergency lighting test system.

Reduce energy

Designplan can provide control solutions from a single luminaire-based sensor control with daylight and presence detection. As well as large scale remote cloud-based monitoring system with full maintenance and reporting features.

Our DesignMesh wireless lighting control system can provide details of the energy usage with real time data of a building filtered down to individual zones. The system can be fine-tuned so that energy can be further reduced for specific areas reducing your energy bills.

Operational requirements

A control strategy can be put in place for specific areas to meet the operational requirements of a building. External circuits may be required to switch on/off at specific times at a specified light output. However, lighting in stairwells may be required to operate using presence detectors, reducing to a low level when there is no activity.

It is important that a lighting control system has the flexibility to meet a building’s needs so that multiple control strategies can be implemented on a single site.

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