Video Conferencing

One of the key ambitions of Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) is to improve functionality in the custodial estate and make better use of technology.

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Recommended products for video conferencing



Quadratum G2 vandal resistant luminaires

Recessed or surface mounted sealed luminaire suitable for use in tough environments. Provides excellent light distribution and integrates within various ceiling types.

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Duomo vandal resistant luminaire

Robust circular bulkhead suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.

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Flair vandal resistant luminaire

Robust vandal resistant linear fitting suitable for ceiling or optional recessed mounting.

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Best Practice Advice

Expanding Capacity

The introduction of Video Conferencing Centres (VCCs) have introduced a significant expansion of video capability.

VCCs aim to provide a standardised, consistent and high quality user experience to prisoners, operational staff and the external caller.

Lighting Specifics

VCCs require lighting of high quality, particularly to meet specified light levels. Lighting that controls glare, but also adequately lights vertical surfaces including the faces of the user, is especially important.

Uniformity is also a key consideration and should not be less than 0.7 between the minimum and average standard maintained values at the working plane.

Other Considerations

Quiet operation of LED luminaires will
ensure there is no “buzzing” or noise

Lighting should be vandal
resistant, as with other custodial
applications, and require little in the way of maintenance.

Technical Support

The internal lighting levels for VCCs need to be designed to the CIBSE Code for Lighting Guide 5 (LG5), Guide 7 & 9 (LG7 & LG9), British and MoJ standards as laid out in HMPPS’s VCC design guide. This document specifies LED luminaires as the preferred light engines.

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PDF Lighting Guide

Our 24 page lighting guide identifies typical custodial applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of robust construction, standards compliance and specific design requirements including anti-ligature luminaires for “safer” cell applications. To download your copy click on the button below.

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