Designplan Phone Stand

Watch the video below to see how the phone stand was made.

Every company has free giveaways, mostly in the form of stationary, mugs or a tote bag. However, when you have a fully functioning factory on site the expectation is and should be a little bit higher.

Steel is the material that contributes greatly to the robustness of our lighting and our popular Uni-cell luminaire produces off-cut steel that gets recycled.

Thinking outside the lighting box, our design team got to work designing a strong and durable phone stand that could be cut out and folded from one piece of off-cut steel.

Designplan steel phone stand

The Designplan Phone Stand is a unique and hardy piece of engineering that can sit on your office desk or work station. It holds your phone – poised and ready for that all important call or message – and is unbendable and unbreakable.

We created a video to show you exactly how the phone stand is made.

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