Haynes Park Court Tower Blocks

Romford, England

Haynes Park Court consists of two tower blocks which were desperately in need of modernisation. The existing lighting had created a safety concern for the residents with dark stairwells and bleak corridors. Our brief was to replace light fittings on a point for point basis to minimise disruption, improve safety and lower running costs for the residents of Haynes Park Court.

We incorporated microwave presence detectors with Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Transmission into our QuadEvo luminaire to automate the lighting. When no one is present the lighting level drops to 10% output, remaining at this level to reassure residents. When someone enters the stairwell from any level, the luminaire sensor is triggered raising the light output to 100%, therefore ensuring safe navigation.

Installing QuadEvo has helped reduce electricity consumption by circa 60%, as they use less than half the power (11.5 circuit watts) than the fittings they replaced (32 circuit watts). The integrated lighting controls help reduce energy and running costs still further.

Similarly, maintenance is quick and hassle free as the QuadEvo luminaire incorporates a removable diffuser and gear tray. The RF wireless controls are programmed and commissioned using a hand held remote control. In addition, each luminaire parameter can be configured at any time and without having to access the fittings.

“Designplan have successfully provided a lighting solution which has improved the safety and surroundings of the residents at Haynes Park”

Trevor Kimber – London & Quadrant

“All Designplan’s staff have been very professional and incredibly helpful and are a credit to the company”

Ian Hill, Director – Hill Electrical Services Limited

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