Illuminating social housing (part 1)- the benefits of LED

Caragh BarryNews UK

This week is social housing week here at Designplan Lighting.  As part of this, we will be releasing a 5-part news story, 1 part each day about the benefits of LED, our social housing lighting solutions and our recommended luminaires for this sector.

With 6 decades of sector experience, Designplan are at the forefront of the LED revolution, our high-performance LED luminaires are designed for any social housing application.

LED lighting solutions can easily reduce your ownership and operating costs with LED lighting solutions.  LED fittings mean less fittings are required for a range of social housing applications.  They also reduce energy costs as they use less energy than equivalent fluorescent fittings and could result in a reduction of up to 65% on your electricity bills! Your total cost of ownership is further reduced as less frequent lamp replacements and general maintenance is required with a LED fitting. In addition, any existing fluorescent fittings can be quickly and easily retro fitted to become LED versions as our luminaires have easily removable gear trays.

 Other benefits of switching to LED:

·         Reduced maintenance costs- LED’s are 5 times more operational life than a 2D fitting.

·         Improved light distribution- LED fixtures can control light in a more flexible way.

·         Increased energy efficiency- they are less expensive to run as more electrical energy is converted to light and lower wattages are required.

·         More environmentally friendly- LED’s are free of toxic chemicals such as mercury, sometimes found inn fluorescent fittings.

·         They are less affected by low temperatures.

·         Better control- LED lights can be combined in any shape and can include dimming, fading and colour mixing functions.