Illuminating social housing (part 2)- Our luminaires: durable and sustainable

Caragh BarryNews UK

Our luminaires are designed for applications which require high performance and reliability and are installed in countless social housing complexes across the country.

All our luminaires are designed to ensure that they are robust, strong and durable and so are made from steel or aluminium.  They also have an oven-baked finish to provide an extra protective skin of tough polyester paint.  Tamper proof Resistorx screws secure the diffuser in place and specialist polycarbonates are used in our diffusers.  This combination of processes and materials ensure our lighting solutions have up to 6 times more impact resistance than standard fittings.

As we have a large commitment to sustainability, our fundamental philosophy of incorporating removable gear trays enables you to easily adopt upgrades in technology. Our commitment has also resulted in a wholesale change in our manufacturing process as in August 2014 our purpose-built head office was awarded with the BREEAM excellent rating, the recognised benchmark for environmental building assessment.  This new facility has allowed us to pioneer LED technology (see part 1), increase production capacity and further reduce lead times.