Illuminating social housing (part 3)- For any application

Caragh BarryNews UK

Designplan have several luminaires for any application within the social housing sector to choose from.

In social housing Interior applications, it is important to ensure that the lighting is suited to the setting. Functions like daylight dimming help to create the desired ambiance and reduce energy bills. Removable diffusers make maintenance quick and hassle free and replaceable gear trays ensure technology upgrades are easy and sustainable. Our recommended luminaires for interior applications are Duomo, Terminus and Curve VR.

Communal areas in social housing must be well lit to ensure and bright and safe environment. Our LED luminaires will lower your energy and maintenance bills. For example Duomo can achieve 100 lux on horizontal stairtreads using 50% less fittings than traditional fluorescent. Our recommended luminaires for communal areas are Duomo, Torino and Clarion.

Our lighting solutions are suitable for both internal and external cark parks. The LED luminaires provide uniform light distribution to ensure a welcoming environment and aid personal safety and security. The level of illumination helps to eradicate pockets of darkness; a problem with traditional fluorescent fittings. One of our recommended luminaires for car parks is Parkalux.

External corridors are often neglected areas yet their importance should not be underestimated. Installed lighting needs to withstand extreme weather conditions, be vandal resistant and incorporate emergency and control functions to ensure the humble corridor can cope with any situation. Our recommended luminaires for external corridors are Duomo, QuadEvo and Quadrant.

Other Designplan social housing luminaires include: CirCore, Pantheon, Quantum, SquareCore, Tuscan and Vertigo.

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