IK Impact testing – raising the bar

At Designplan we have developed a reputation for robust lighting which is designed to last. 

One way we achieve this is by testing our fittings beyond the requirements of EN 62262. This standard measures the joules of energy a luminaire can resist, issuing an IK performance rating. IK impact testing involves releasing a weight, attached to a pendulum, from a specified distance. The heavier the weight and distance length, the more joules of energy is resisted.

The EN 62262 standard goes up to 20 joules (IK10). This is a 5kg impact from a distance of 400mm. To prove our luminaires are designed for challenging applications, historically we have extrapolated the data for a pendulum test. We were able to test up to 150 joules of energy. This is a 10kg impact from a distance of 1.5m, a test we describe as IK16.

Designplan Lighting have raised the bar for impact testing still further. We have designed and built a test rig which can measure the energy impacting on a luminaire up to 250 joules. We describe this test as IK20. This involves dropping a 10kg weight from a height of 2.5m. The video below demonstrates our new drop weight impact testing capability.