Introducing QuadEvo

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Energy efficiency, build quality and durability have long been the foundation blocks of our ‘Quad’ family of social housing luminaires. For over 30 years our Quadrant luminaire has been the benchmark for communal lighting, illuminating countless social housing complexes across the country.

A deep understanding of Social Housing applications combined with our ability to harness improvements in technology and materials have  enabled us to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of performance.  Let us introduce you to the future of communal lighting: QuadEvo.

Optimum performance
QuadEvo’s market leading light output of a 104 lumens per watt ensures that you need fewer luminaires for a range of social housing applications, reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). LED only, QuadEvo consumes significantly less electricity than traditional fluorescent fittings, reducing your annual energy costs by 60%. QuadEvo is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting and offers improved performance and energy savings in either orientation.

Increased efficency

QuadEvo has a circa 85% efficacy increase and 60% load reduction versus an equivalent 28W 2D fitting.
Enhanced durability

QuadEvo’s IK15 rating means it can resist 140 Joules of impact, making QuadEvo a class-leading offer for applications where there is a risk of vandalism or damage and a highly robust product is required.

Built to last

QuadEvo’s die cast aluminium body is strong, durable and has high impact resistance. Our extensive cleaning and pre-painting processes are combined with an oven-baked finish. This provides a protective skin of tough polyester paint. The high impact resistant diffuser is secured by Resitorx screws ensuring that QuadEvo’s “tamper proof” rating is maintained.
5 year guarantee

QuadEvo comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard which covers both the LED array and the driver.
QuadEvo’s options include the ability to respond to movement in corridors or staircases using a PIR switch, which allows the light to be dimmed to just 10 per cent of normal output before immediately returning to full illumination as someone approaches. Another attraction is that QuadEvo’s fixing holes are aligned for easy retrofitting of existing Quadrant installations, without the need for redecoration.

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