Juniper Ward

Weston-Super-Mare, England

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) wanted to create a more therapeutic setting for Juniper Ward, an acute psychiatric facility. Designplan are proud to have installed our Basilica Tuneable White into Juniper Ward. It was designed to mimic our circadian rhythm, incorporates adjustable light levels to help aid rest and recuperation. It is not just the amount of light which is significant but also the colour.

A daylight sensor detects the amount of natural light. During the day light levels can be raised with a cool colour temperature for an energy boost. Whereas in the evening, to create a calmer relaxing environment, light levels are lowered to a warm colour temperature.

At night the light levels are reduced further to avoid any disturbance during the frequent monitoring of service users. This has resolved an issue with the previous lighting, as light would flood the room when observation blinds were opened – which was very disruptive. AWP required a simple controls system automated for time, date and seasonal changes.

A microwave sensor reacts to activity, turning luminaires on at the brightness level appropriate for the time of day. This light level dims down after 10 minutes, and switches off after a further period, if no presence is detected.

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