Lighting for custodial applications

Caragh BarryNews UK

Designplan have the widest range of approved standard and bespoke products available for applications in the custodial sector and have a continual development programme to ensure all relevant standards and needs are met.

Our newest product for custodial applications is Monitor II. Its new LED variant uses circa 50% less energy than fluorescent and its IK16 rating means it can withstand an impact of 150 joules, 7.5 times more than an IK10 rated product. Monitor II has been specified to protect both prisoner and staff from harm and is an MoJ approved luminaire for standard cell applications in the UK.  To view full product information, please CLICK HERE.

Alongside Monitor II, we also can offer a retro fit solution for existing installations. Monitor II retro is a replacement gear tray which is easy to install, making your existing fitting an energy saving LED luminaire in a few minutes.  To view full product information, please CLICK HERE.