Lighting in the Mental Health Sector

Caragh BarryNews UK

It is evident that light is critical to human functioning and can be very beneficial in mental healthcare settings to both service users and staff. Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment (BHR) will modernise living conditions as well as providing an improved working environment.

Designplan supplied contemporary lighting in the communal areas to promote wellbeing to patients; 1500 Basilica luminaires were installed as part of this new build. Adequate lighting conditions are essential for performance of visual tasks by staff and good artificial lighting is particularly important for those who work night shifts.

The progressive approach of BHR acknowledges the impact of light and the effect, both artificial and natural, on mood or task performance in the healthcare sector. Light can help reduce depression, improve sleep patterns, modulate the circadian rhythm, and assist the recovery process. Light also plays an important role in reducing fear and it is this fear which is a principal element of many mental health disorders.

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