Lighting St Enoch Station

Caragh BarryNews UK

The lighting at St Enoch was designed with the intention of creating a synchronous effect throughout the public areas of the station. When lighting a subway station there are many factors to consider. The main objective is to ensure ease of passage to enable each service user to pass through the station swiftly and efficiently. Our lighting design incorporated subliminal directional light to achieve a sleek and effective solution.

With careful planning and bespoke product innovation, we developed a lighting solution to illuminate the whole of St Enoch subway that was compliant with all rules and regulations. As the only manufacturer who was able to achieve this 100% compliant solution, our lighting application was installed throughout the station both, front and back of house.

St Enoch is the first of 15 subway stations to be refurbished in this renovation programme and has revitalised the historic St Enoch square by creating a modern ergonomic station. The two glass canopies depict the fusion of contemporary new design and tradition, exemplifying the importance of modernisation, without losing site of its origin.

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