Monitor II- For custodial cell areas

Caragh BarryNews UK

Designplan has been the primary provider of lighting to police stations, courts and prisons for over thirty years and our Monitor II has been specified to protect both prisoner and staff from harm and is an MoJ approved luminaire for standard cell applications.

The latest version of Monitor II that has just been launched comes with an energy efficient LED gear tray using circa 50% less energy than our fluorescent version. The result is a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) achieved through reduced power consumption and less frequent lamp replacements and maintenance.

Monitor II is rated IK16 and can withstand 150 joules of impact, 7.5 times more than a standard IK10 fitting (20 joules). It is relied upon in cell applications as it is tamper proof and resistant to the highest levels of vandalism. The zinc coated steel body is finished in chemical and abrasion resistant textured white polyester powder coat.

For full Monitor II technical details please visit its PRODUCT PAGE.