Needs of the secure healthcare sector

Caragh BarryNews UK


Here at Designplan, we understand that for the secure healthcare sector, safety and service user comfort are primary drivers in the careful selection of lighting.

Many of our products for the secure healthcare sector contain features specifically designed to meet these objectives. Our new BASILICA luminaire is designed to be impact resistant up to IK16 and to help prevent the attachment of ligatures and avoid the dangers associated with them. Basilica has also been designed to help reduce stress levels with a non-institutional feel with its stylish curves providing a contemporary aesthetic.

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Reducing the build up of dust and germs aids the infection control measures of the building and its users, something vital for the healthcare sector.

However, lighting can be a large source of energy consumption in secure hospitals and care homes, often accounting for as much as 35-40% of total electrical consumption. Much of this energy is used in circulation and waiting room areas where lights are often in use throughout the whole day, despite being actually needed at full brightness for only a fraction of that time. This is why Designplan’s energy efficient LED fittings can be fitted with a variety of dimming and sensor options to ensure that luminaires are only at full output when actually required, keeping both energy bills and the total cost of ownership low.

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