The new standard for communal lighting

Caragh BarryNews UK

Here at Designplan, we have established our luminaires as the standard for communal lighting in the social housing sector. Now, changes in technology and new materials have enabled us to continue to raise performance standards. We have Designed Duomo. A stylish, robust and durable LED luminaire.

Duomo can reduce your ownership and operating costs with its market leading light output of 113 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. This ensures that you need fewer of the fittings for a range of social housing applications. For example, to achieve 100 lux on horizontal stair treads, the number of fittings needed is reduced by 50%, compared to traditional 2D luminaires! The 1400lm Duomo also uses less than half the power (11 circuit watts) of a typical 2D 28W high frequency fitting (32 circuit watts) reducing your electricity bills by up to 65%.

Like all of our luminaires, Duomo is designed to last. It’s die cast aluminium body is strong and durable. It can resist 125 joules of impact (IK15) making it a class-leading offer ideal for applications where there is risk of vandalism or damage. It’s high impact resistant diffuser is secured by Resitorx screws ensuring that its tamper proof rating is maintained. Duomo’s design also incorporates a removable gear tray for ease of repair or upgrade, and allowing maintenance to be quick and hassle free.  It also comes with a full 5 year warranty.

For more information about Duomo please visit its PRODUCT PAGE