New Year New Knowledge

Caragh BarryNews UK


As you begin to plan your training for 2018, why not include a CPD on Robust Lighting and receive two hours of CPD points? Our CPD is CIBSE accredited and focuses on robust lighting applications, characteristics and construction utilising standard definitions, demonstrations, and regulatory explanation. The CPD will show how to choose a luminaire based on application and design, manufacturing processes and case studies in sectors where robust lighting is of paramount importance. The CPD also uncovers myths on LEDs and offers the chance for the audience to ask questions in an informal question and answer session.

Our team are keen to present and meet you over a lunchtime CPD where you will enhance your knowledge, on one of the most valuable personal development sessions in this area of lighting, you may attend this year.

For further information and to book a CPD, please contact Claire McCarthy at or                 020 8254 2023. CLICK HERE for further information.