Our customers are our priority

Claire McCarthyNews UK

At Designplan we know the importance of embracing a connection with our customers and ensuring we always put them first in both service and satisfaction.  Being a pioneer in a niche market means we need to preserve and care for our relationships with existing customers whilst reaching out to new contacts.

We understand the importance of finding solutions to problems and to work alongside our customers to find answers to factors which cannot be foreseen but, at times, arise.  We manufacture our products to the highest standards and are proud of our reputation and we endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level.  Our team of expert engineers and product developers have a high bar with regards to standards in both design and innovation and continually look for improvement in latest techniques and materials.

Why not visit us here in Sutton to be dazzled by our purpose built factory and see how we create a product from conception to an entity.  We guarantee you will leave knowing why we value ‘you’ – the customer.  For further information, please contact Claire McCarthy claire.mccarthy@designplan.co.uk