Tuscan Class II

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The marketing leading weather resistant fitting.
  • ENEC Certified, Class II luminaire
  • Designed to resist extreme physical attack
  • Applications include subways, platforms and pedestrian walkways
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Available with 10kV surge protection device and in-rush current limiter
  • Heavy gauge steel body finished in black polyester powder coat
  • Polycarbonate diffuser held against gasket with tamperproof screws
  • Electronic control gear on removable tray
  • Provision for conduit entry in back and ends
  • Available with angled body (see fitting options)

Lamp options


650mm LONG
LED – OPAL Lamps Temp Load Lum/lms Efficacy Weight HT
D890-2-1500N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 16W 1419lms 89lm/W 4.8kg HT45°
D890-2-2200N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 23W 2059lms 90lm/W 4.8kg HT45°
1250mm LONG
D890-4-3200N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 34W 2990lms 88lm/W 8.7kg HT45°
D890-4-4200N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 46W 3883lms 84lm/W 8.7kg HT45°
1550mm LONG
D890-5-3700N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 38W 3420lms 90lm/W 10.2kg HT45°
D890-5-5500N-TB-CA LED Array 4000K 59W 4905lms 83lm/W 10.2KG HT45°


Fitting options


Textured white finish replace TB with TW
Class II with surge protection & in-rush current limiter add suffix CB
Class II with surge protection add suffix CC
Class II with in-rush limiter add suffix CD
Emergency luminaire monitoring module (CEAG)* add suffix EC
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace N with W
45° angled body replace D890 with D893 (WEIGHTS 5.3, 8.8 & 10.7kg)
60°/30° angled body replace D890 with D892 (WEIGHTS 5.3, 8.8 & 10.7kg)

* not available for 2ft version

The market leading weather and vandal resistant fitting.




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