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Technical Information

L609.4mm x W609.4mm x H100mm
LED, Frosted Glass Diffuser Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
D936-G2-2000N-TW-ST 4000 K 17.4W 2110 lm 122 lm/W CRI>80 12.3kg
D936-G2-3000N-TW-ST 4000 K 24.6W 3018 lm 123 lm/W CRI>80 12.3kg
D936-G2-4000N-TW-ST 4000 K 31.7W 3997 lm 126 lm/W CRI>80 12.3kg
D936-G2-5000N-TW-ST 4000 K 41.5W 5019 lm 121 lm/W CRI>80 12.3kg
Emergency Output 4000 K 560 lm

Quadratum S12 G2 Surface contains a light source of energy efficiency class C.

Quadratum S12 G2 Surface LED Lifetime L80B10>72,000h at 25oC ambient.

Quadratum S12 G2 Surface Driver Lifetime up to 100,000h at 25oC ambient.

Fittting Options

Integral 3 hour duration emergency add suffix -E3
Self test 3 hour duration emergency add suffix -ES
DALI 3 hour duration emergency add suffix -ED
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix -DA
Switch dimming add suffix -DI
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace N with W