Zelos Wall Max

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Lamp Options

HT applies to standard version. For any options (e.g.EM3) and to check 50° applications please contact technical sales.

LED Lamps Temp Load Lum/lms Efficacy Weight
TLSWM/1400NW/XC49 LED Array 4000K 15W 1125lm 75lm/W 4.5KG
TLSWM/1900NW/XC49 LED Array 4000K 20W 1400lms 70lm/W 4.5KG
LED Lamps  Temp Load Lum/lms Efficacy Weight HT
TLSWM/2500NW/FC49 LED Array 4000K 18W 1675lms 93lm/W 4.5KG HT40°
TLSWM/3500NW/FC49 LED Array 4000K 26W 2345lms 90lm/W 4.5KG HT40°
TLSWM/4500NW/FC49 LED Array 4000K 36W 3015lms 84lm/W 4.5KG HT40°

Fitting Options

Matt silver finish replace C49 with C48
Matt white finish replace C49 with C46
Matt black finish replace C49 with C04
Intergal 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix /DALI
Photocell add suffix /PEC
Top entry Please contact technical sales
Side entry Add suffix /HH
Extra wide optics (supplied with clear diffuser) add suffix /XW
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace NW with WW
For use with 50V or 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER