Basilica Tuneable White


Our natural body clock depends on light to facilitate activity, boost mood and aid sleep. Our soon to be launched Basilica Tuneable White luminaire helps regulate our circadian rhythm, our natural body clock.

Basilica Tuneable White can help create a calmer more relaxing environment. During the day, light levels can be raised to give a cool colour temperature to replicate daylight providing an energy boost that would occur naturally. This cool light is particularly beneficial in areas where there is little natural daylight. At night the luminaire can lower its output to give a warm colour temperature light so that an inspection can be undertaken with minimal disturbance to aid restful sleep. In an emergency, a clinician can change light levels at the touch of a button.

The design is anti-ligature, to help prevent self-harming. Basilica Tuneable White has an IK20 rating which resists 250 joules of force and is easy to clean as the IP66 rating ensures it is dust and water resistant. Applications for Basilica Tuneable White include bedrooms, corridors, and communal areas as it can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Energy consumption can be reduced by varying light output and an integrated presence detection sensor dims to 10% when no one is around. A daylight sensor also reduces the light levels when there is enough natural daylight.

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