QuadEvo- The future of communal lighting

Caragh BarryNews UK

Energy efficiency, build quality and durability have long been the foundation blocks of our ‘Quad’ family of social housing luminaires. Now, the future of communal lighting is QuadEvo.

QuadEvo’s market leading light output ensures that you need fewer luminaires for your application, reducing your cost of ownership and also uses significantly less electricity that traditional fluorescent fittings, potentially reducing your annual energy costs by up to 60%.

The luminaire’s IK15 rating means that it can resist 125 joules of impact, 6.25 times more than a standard luminaire. It also makes QuadEvo a class-leading offer for applications where there is a high risk of vandalism or damage and a highly robust product is required. The high impact resistant diffuser is secured by Resistorx screws ensuring that its ‘tamperproof’ rating is maintained. QuadEvo also comes with a full product warranty covering both the LED array and the driver.

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