Anatomy of an LED fitting

  1. Toughened glass diffusers– as well as polycarbonate diffusers we offer glass options for many of our fittings. Toughened glass is suitable for walk and drive over in many of our uplighters.
  2. Advanced LED technology– we use premiuim LEDs that give excellent luminous efficacy and colour rendering results, as well as high quality circuit boards.
  3. Built to last– die cast aluminium castings are strong, durable and impact-resistant. They are also an excellent thermal conductor which aids cooling and extends the product’s life. We use marine-grade aluminium as standard.
  4. Integral LED driver– our LED fittings come with an integral driver, which is thermally separated from the LED array to ensure long life.
  5. Optimum thermal management– all LED luminaires are manufactured with thermal management in mind. Where required a high grade aluminium heat sink is employed to dissipate the heat created.
  6. Corrosion resistant coat– polyester powder paint is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a ‘skin’. It gives a hard finish that is much tougher than conventional paint.
  7. 5 year guarantee– all Designplan LED fittings come with a standard 5 year guarantee which covers both the LED array and the driver. Full product guarantees are available on some LED products.