Retrofit site survey

Our expert team can provide you with a no obligation retrofit site survey. We will suggest easy ways to save energy and lower maintenance costs, whilst meeting all your regulatory requirements.

One of our technical sales team will visit your site to conduct a thorough survey of your current lighting arrangements, and assess your premises for potential energy savings.

Our expert team will send you a site survey pack which will include, as required a lighting scheme, recommended luminaires, LED gear tray replacements if appropriate and a costed design proposal.

This no obligation service, provides you with factual information to allow you to make a fully informed decision about your lighting requirements. We never “turn our back” on a Designplan luminaire.

To arrange a site survey:
Call: 020 8254 2022

Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below.

    To help us identify your gear tray type, please take a photo of the product label inside the fitting.

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