Retrofitting LED Gear Trays

The retrofit revolution

The cost of energy is increasing, and the lighting sector has become flooded with LED replacement gear trays for an array of different manufacturers luminaires. Here at Designplan, we believe that it is important for our customers to fully understand which retrofit solution is best suited to fit our products and how to choose them. As well as ensuring full and reliable compatibility, it is vital that the regulatory framework is factored into your buying decision.


Our product is CE marked
The CE mark demonstrates regulatory compliance with the LVD, EMC, ErP and RoHS Directives.
We can demonstrate that the entire product is CE marked once a replacement gear tray is fitted
Retrofitting into an existing fluorescent luminaire constitutes a fundamental alteration. Remember the golden rule CE + CE doesn’t equal CE. Re-certification and CE marking as a new product is mandatory.
Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act
Under the CPA a retrofit gear tray supplier must take on the legal responsibility for the entire product.
Ingress protection of the modified luminaire
Retrofitting with a genuine Designplan gear tray ensures the IP rating is maintained. Any new gaskets or components will be to our original specification and installed using the same application method. This avoids re-testing and re-certification, which would otherwise be required.
Confirmation of the luminaire lumens per circuit watt of the modified luminaire
To enable assessment against part L of the building regulations, the photometric performance of the luminaire modified with a genuine Designplan gear tray will be known. Testing is conducted in our dedicated laboratory to prove photometric data.
Lighting performance, comfort and quality
Using a genuine Designplan gear tray will help control glare and maximise efficiency, and we will provide confirmation of the CCT and CRI.
LED compatibility
The retrofit gear trays we supply are tested to help prevent the effect, over time, of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) generated by new and existing parts, components and finishes.
Operational life of your retrofit solution
Designplan tests our retrofit gear trays for heat generation. This safeguards against the possibility of excessive heat inside the luminaire and protects the operational life of LEDs.
The warranty of Designplan supplied gear trays extends to all parts of the modified luminaire, including existing parts.
Satisfying your construction design and management (CDM) responsibilities
Using genuine Designplan gear trays ensures our customers have engaged a supplier who has the capability to carry out modification works and who can provide supporting evidence as required by the CDM regulations.
Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Designplan are proud to be a supplier who can demonstrate our process to recycle a lighting product at the end of its useful life, under the scope of the WEEE Directive.

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