Continuous Improvement at Designplan

Designplan is committed to continuous improvement. We also recognise the efforts of our team through our annual Kaizen award. Kaizen is Japanese for “change for better”. This mindset encompasses how we work at Designplan.

Continuous Improvement

Congratulations go to our 2021 Kaizen award winner Ramona Vasilica who redeveloped the packaging of our Quadrant fitting.

Ramona was able to reduce both the amount of cardboard used (from 3 metres to 1.5 metres) and the time it takes to produce the packaging. This idea will also be used for our other bulkhead fittings.

Packaging our product

Between 2017 and 2020 we reduced our usage of plastic packaging by 77%. We did this through smart box design; introducing crush zones to remove the need for plastic bumpers whilst offering better protection to our products during transport. We will continue our efforts to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic packaging.


The reduction of plastic in our factory over the last three years have been focal points of our company. We have been working with our suppliers to eliminate plastic in our packaging and replacing it with recycled cardboard. In addition, the smart design of our boxes are tailored to our products which eliminates damage in transit and the need for bubble wrap.

We have reduced the volume of outgoing packaging by 19%, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. This has been done by ensuring our packaging machine is programmed to only make the quantities needed. This avoids waste, which has reduced the number of cardboard deliveries to us from 66 to 15 a year.